Sunday, August 12, 2012

More photos of friends

Artists are interesting creatures.  We get fascinated with tasks and tools that produce some kind of beautiful product.  Take me as an example.  I discover something and dive to the depth of it until something else captures my attention.  Essentially my artistic nature is helpful in making our entire life prettier, since I've got "the eye" for it!  It matters how we decorate, how food looks on the plate, esthetic permeates everything we do.  Really people always ask me what looks good, and I can tell them with confidence.

Currently I am developing my understanding of the Nikon SLR camera which I've owned for multiple years.  Technically I am getting a lot better with the manual mode, and my friends are being so nice to volunteer to be my models and have me practice.  Pretty soon I'll be able to charge people who want photos like these.  Here are just some cool photos I took this month.  Models: Megan and Senada.

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