Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Photo Duel

Here are some photos from the Photo Duel with Alex Borzo, a talented Des Moines based photographer.  This duel was really fun!  I am looking for more models (male and female) to shoot as this is inspiring insight into an art form I have not visited much previously

I took this portrait of Alex

Alex took this portrait of me

In the heat of the photo duel (Nikon)
In the heat of the photo duel (Cannon)

I liked the perspective and light here
Alex liked my pose

I liked how Alex posed laying on the floor, I positioned her legs this way

Alex wanted me to get into this pose as I refused laying on the concrete in white pants

She is super cute here in front of the elevator
Alex thinks I am windswept here

I liked her pose and light here
Alex liked how my eyes cached light

Let us know what do you think about this duel!  We had a lot of fun taking pictures of each other.  
I have used Nikon SLR, and Alex used Cannon SLR camera.  

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