Friday, March 4, 2011

It's a good day

Today was an interesting day. It started with my beautiful sunshine shining on me with his two brown eyes and a set of cute teeth. There is something beautiful in waking a child in the morning.

After taking my son to school, I received the keys to a wonderful studio that is a dream come true for any artist. It meets all my criteria: ample space, clean and simple, good daylight, access to sink, possibility of retail sales. The biggest hurdle any artist faces is how to show their art and this location will combine my need to make things, the self-expression through arts that is life changing, and I can organize shows and events and help other artists showcase their art as well. I don't believe that significant income is possible in arts. But it is certainly something I enjoy a great deal.

Following this, I had a lunch with a friend who is an inspiration. I know that I've had many hardships in life, but sometimes when I look at what other people have to go through I recognize how lucky I am.

After lunch I introduced myself to the West Glen neighbors. They already knew I was snooping around for a studio but yeah, having all spots filled up helps everybody. I personally feel that it is enough of recession, people need to force themselves to become more giving and more optimistic. There is no reason to continue with negativity and scarcity. I am ready to share my optimism with others.

The evening was great as I visited two art shows: 1st at the Hoyt Sherman place where I had a painting and have met several artists I know. Following this, I went to another art show that is more of an underground type art show with very good art by three local artists: Vanja, Hasan and Luke. It was great to see all the artistic diversity tonight.

All in all, I feel very happy. Next week we are going on a spring brake vacation. The time away will put everything into perspective and I have so much to do when I return. New opportunities are just abounding right now and I am in awe that so much good can happen to a person, at the same time. I am starting a new job when I return from vacation and a big project that is going to be my biggest work to date. I imagine myself sitting on the California beach somewhere, looking at the ocean, keeping my kids in the corner of the eye, and dreaming up of all the wonderful things that I get to do in the future. The next door neighbor to my studio gallery sells shirts affirming what I already know: Life is Good! Check out Jake's Jurney and get your own Life is Good shirt when shopping West Glen.