Tuesday, June 12, 2012

10 foods that I adore

I am slightly obsessed about items that go into my body.  My obsession is not only about taste and health, but shapes, colors and sizes of different fruits and vegetables.

I am certainly not like other people when it comes to esthetic.  My analysis of what is beautiful is much deeper, much more unusual and greatly analytical.  I am discovering connections between how food looks, and how it makes me feel.  

Therefore, here is a countdown of my currently 10 favorite foods - they are beautiful & very healthy!
If these foods were not perishable, I'd make art with them:

No. 10 - Pumpkin seeds

No. 9 - Sweet potatos

No. 8 - Maple syrup

No. 7 - Sprouts

No. 6 - Beans

No. 5 - Lemons

No. 4 - Avocados

No. 3 - Tomatoes

No. 2 - Blackberries

No. 1 - Green Tea