Monday, June 13, 2011

Purple Rain... hmm.. Purple Art

I like purple. Not sure why I like it but they say that if you do like this color, your nature is artistic. Perhaps because this is the rarest color in the nature, and a color of royalty. For years, whenever I made purple art, I had very hard time finding a buyer. If you follow me on Facebook, you'll remember that I once had a purple art sale, that's how convinced I was that no-one will ever purchase purple artwork. I was convinced to only make purple for myself and never for others; this is one of those colors that don't generally fit into one's decor.

Then, during the month of May/June I sold several purplish art-pieces. Why all of a sudden? No idea. It's like people have all of a sudden realized that this art is awesome like it always was, just waiting for it's buyer. But all purple art sold in the same month, that is bizarre!

I want to congratulate all the buyers for their awesome selections and hope they'll enjoy this art. I like creating art, and selling is the only way I can make more. Therefore, a warm thank you to my collectors!

Which pieces have sold this month:

Purple: 40 x 30, sold to a visitor of gallery, a person who never knew me or followed my art.

Guitar: 48 x 24, sold to husband's coworker who is apparently a collector.

French Connection: 30 x 40, sold to a friend, someone who knows my art well.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Custom Art - Burklunds

Size: 48 x 60 inches on linen

Inspiration pillow from client's home



This large art was created custom for a client's home. How do I do it? Well, I really can't create art unless I understand my client and what they like. Joe and Jane had these pillows in their home that they found extremely attractive. I have also snooped around their living room to understand what are the shapes and styles that attract them. Ultimately they wanted art that employs their color scheme, and also consists of some rectangles and gives playful energy. Mission accomplished!

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