Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Food I make - part 3

Subtle dietary changes don't lead to drastic results, but eating healthy for a long period of time transforms anybody.  Some changes we have observed is disappearance of allergies, smoother skin, younger looking, shiny eyes, I've even noticed reversal of greying in others!  

I want to motivate my friends and those reading my posts to eat more healthfully.  If only a few people change their dietary habits thanks to me, I will feel as a huge success.  The changes I have been experiencing via making valid healthful choices in my diet are worth spreading the news.  

Some of the best discoveries this summer: okra and yellow beets!  Why are there so many vegetables and edible plants that we don't use in cooking or not eating at all?  The funniest thing is when I am at the grocery checkout, most of the time the clerk is so confused: what is this, and what is that?  Never heard of stuff like that!  At least we are seeing that stuff in our grocery stores and this is a big hope for the health future of America.  

 This is okra, it tastes nice and mild
 Rainbow trout from new HyVee seafood department, it was tasty just too big!  
 Nothing beats a nice fruit salad
 My farmers market bounty
 And french crapes - oh yes, my kids love them (not the healthiest food indeed)!
 Made with all farmer fresh ingredients, the most tasty were the potatoes and chard too!  Everything was tasty!
 The more varieties I try, the more I want to experiment with food
 My new favorite vegetable is yellow beets - they are so delicious!
Preparing chard

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